It’s not too late to make plans for Taiwan’s iconic Lantern Festival

Displaying Lantern Festival 3.jpgAs the Year of the Rooster fast approaches, it’s time to start making plans to visit Taiwan for the most festive celebration of the year…the Annual Lantern Festival.

In order to share the wealth of this decades old tradition, the festival is held in alternating cities. In 2017, visitors will be welcome to Yunlin Province to celebrate from February 11-19.

Displaying Lantern Festival 1.jpgNoted as one of the best festivals in the world, according to the Discovery Channel, the Lantern Festival started in 1990 as a collaboration between the tourism bureau and local government. The celebration is held on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar calendar and its purpose is to share traditional folklore.

While the festival is designed to pay tribute to local customs, it is a stimulating site of lights, technology and modern innovation. Guests are treated to a main stage of world-class entertainment, but the beauty is really discovered from the mass of artistic light displays, which include traditional lanterns and over-the-top thematic monuments.

Displaying Lantern Festival 2.jpgFor convenience sake, visitors will want to book accommodations in Yunlin County, which is located at the central-south part along the western coast of Taiwan and at the north tip of Jianan plain, bordering Nantou County in the east, Changhua County in north with Zhoushui River as watershed, Chiayi County in the south with Beigang River as watershed. Suggested accommodations can be found here:

For more on the 2017 Lantern Festival, visit:


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