MissTravel Releases “Top Five Hurricane Season Hotspots”

Experienced travelers know the hurricane season should be seen as an opportunity, not a detriment to travel. MissTravel, the first travel-dating site, has pulled data from experienced travelers to see where they are venturing this season. And with data on hurricane rates dating back to the 1870’s, has released its list of “Top Five Hurricane Season Hotspots.”

The months between July and November usually makes the Caribbean a “no-fly zone,” but those brave enough to dare travel during hurricane season are rewarded with smaller crowds, cheaper airfare and inexpensive accommodations.

Amidst an uneventful hurricane season, with 0-1 hurricanes predicted by The National Weather Service, the 2015 season is prime time for budget-conscious travelers.

MissTravel.com, the world’s first destination-dating website with over 600,000 members, saw more than 55,394 trips scheduled between July and November, specifically to the Caribbean. The site is releasing its list of “Top Five Hurricane Season Hot Spots,” a compilation of the most popular fall dating destinations booked on MissTravel with the lowest weather risk. The ranking itself is ordered according to hurricane rates dating back to 1870:

Top 5 Hurricane Hotspots (According to Hurricane Risk*)

1.) Nicaragua

  • Booking Increase: 68 Percent
  • Chance of Direct Hit: Once every 28.6 Years

2.) Barbados

  • Booking Increase: 77 Percent
  • Chance of Direct Hit: Once every 20.43 Years

3.) Puerto Rico

  • Booking Increase: 85 Percent
  • Chance of Direct Hit: Once every 13 Years

4.) Dominican Republic

  • Booking Increase: 59 Percent
  • Chance of Direct Hit: Once every 11 Years

5.) U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Booking Increase: 43 Percent
  • Chance of Direct: Once every 9.2 Years

*Source: Hurricane City weather reports

“With lower-than-normal prices on airfare and many resorts offering guarantees, hurricane season is one of the best times to experience the Caribbean,” says Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of MissTravel.com. “Not all destinations face an equal risk, some are rarely affected by hurricanes at all. With a little bit of research and preparation, the perfect fall vacation is within reach.”

Nicaragua tops this year’s list of hurricane hotspots. With discounted prices on already low room rates and cheap airfare, hurricane season is the best time to visit  this emerging Central American tourist destination.

MissTravel.com is the only dating site that pairs travel lovers on destination dates to locations such as Hawaii, Las Vegas or Paris. MissTravel boasts over 600,000 members worldwide.

For more information about MissTravel.com or to schedule an interview, please contact Hannahmae Dela Cruz at 702-241-0100 or at press@misstravel.com.

About MissTravel.com

MissTravel.com is the world’s first and only travel dating website. Instead of the conventional date, such as the movies or dinner, singles travel to new and exotic destinations together in hopes of finding romance. MissTravel.com was founded by MIT alum and online dating expert, Brandon Wade, and joins an impressive brand family of successful niche dating websites. Launched in 2012, the site boasts over 600,000 members worldwide, inspiring over 500,000 trips domestically and internationally.


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