Traveling? Items to keep you mobile devices connected.


Tech-savvy travelers not only have to pack their essentials, but also their mobile devices. Shane Broesky and Steven DeVries, co-founders of Farbe Technik, a global manufacturer of mobile accessories for Apple, Blackberry and Samsung, highlight several must-have accessories travelers need to stay connected:

Charging Cable: While this essential may be a given, it is often the obvious essentials that are overlooked and, more often than not, forgotten. It is useful to bring an extra cable, in case one is stolen, lost or stops working altogether. For those who bring several mobile devices for travel, consider getting a charging cable with multiple heads.

Wall Plug: The ideal wall plugs (like the ones that can be connected to a USB adapter) offer flexibility and allow travelers to charge all USB-supported devices using the same wall plug. A universal adaptor for international travel ensures devices will charge properly in countries that have a different type of electric socket.

Backup Battery / Power Bank: It can be incredibly difficult to find an electric socket to charge mobile devices while traveling. A power bank allows for charging, at any given time or location. Because power banks come in different capacities and sizes, it is ideal to get a power bank with a large capacity, especially when charging multiple devices.

Protective Case: Whether going on a trip to the beach or to a city, it is important that a device is secure in a protective case, which can minimize the damage to a dropped mobile device. For those traveling near the water, consider waterproof cases, making devices water and beach-safe.


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