100 Things to Do in San Francisco Before You Die


In 100 Things to Do in San Francisco Before You Die, (Reedy Press) the authors talk top attractions – the famous Painted Ladies, the bridges, the countless scenic vistas — but they focus on guiding visitors and residents alike to the out-of-the-way places that locals love, places that reveal the soul of this world-class city.

Based on personal experience, the authors suggest where to grab a Mission-style burrito, introduce the kids to a giant Pacific octopus, join a sea chantey sing-along, get tipsy on an alcoholic malt, buy tie-dye in Haight-Ashbury, rock out at a free music festival, track down a food cart selling bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and relax in a redwood grove. The book also provides insider info on where to experience yoga on a labyrinth, rent a bike in Golden Gate Park, taste exotic olive oils, soak up spectacular ocean views on an urban hiking trail, brunch on beignets, take a free walking tour, and catch a glimpse of the city’s wild parrots on the wing.

In short, 100 Things to Do in San Francisco Before You Die reveals many of the reasons why millions of people routinely leave their hearts in this amazing place! 100 Things to Do in San Francisco Before You Die is available wherever books are sold.

Eve Batey is the co-founder of SFist.com, the proprietor of The San Francisco Appeal, and used to be a Deputy Managing Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. She lives in the Outer Sunset with her husband and a bunch of animals. Her website is evebatey.com. Patricia Corrigan is a freelance writer and editor in San Francisco who worked for twenty-three years as a newspaper reporter and has written seventeen books. She lives in Twin Peaks, close to her son, daughter-in-law and grandson. Her website is patriciacorrigan.com.


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