Armchair Traveler or Bucket List Enthusiast?

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.20.51 AMAre you an armchair traveler or in search of the next great bucket list-worthy getaway?  Check out, which provides independent travelers with an equally independent view of the world from the International Travel Writers Alliance.

AllWays traveller gives you access to the finest travel writing from the professional travel journalists in the International Travel Writers Alliance including :

  • AllWays traveller
    lets you download and share our travel features on destinations, resorts and travel pursuits worldwide
  • AllWays traveller online
    is our ever growing archive of the best travel features from the Alliance’s professional travel journalists
  • AllWays more
    is our archive of the AllWays traveller’s monthly bulletin of key information
    in a no frills format
  • AllWays magazine
    is the new e-magazine, which will be launching in the near future
  • AllWays recommends
    provides you with tips for trips from our travel industry partners

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