Grab your Wojo Wallet and Go!

imgresThe Wojo wallet is the sporty wallet for the minimalist! Utilizing a unique design, the silicone and neoprene-lined sleeve can hold your cards, driver’s license, some cash and even a key in place and secure, thanks to the trusty outer band.

The Wojo Wallet is the only wallet that can truly go anywhere, and is versatile enough for any user! Going to the beach? No problem! Not only is it water-resistant, but the Wojo Wallet also floats! Worried about carrying your wallet with you to CrossFit or Yoga class? Your worries are now over! Wojo wallet is sweat and grunge resistant and can even be tucked into your yoga pants to stay secure. The amazing thing about the Wojo Wallet is truly its versatility. Not only is it the only option you need for day-to-day activities, but the Wojo Wallet is an amazing addition to any travel bag. Think about the possibilities of jetting off to Paris, with Wojo Wallet at your side, and dreams of the Tour de France in your immediate future.

Let’s face it; we have all been at this point before: thinking of ways to attach our credit card and driver’s license to our board shorts or in a sports bra so that we can be free to live untethered. This is the freedom that Wojo Wallet provides. No longer worrying about silly things like “where am I going to put my ID while I crash through the waves on this kayak?” or “how am I going to keep my wallet close to me as I hike up Mount Everest?”


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