New Pilgrims’ Way Walk from Lucca to Siena in Tuscany

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.32.28 PMHighlights of a historic pilgrims’ trail are being offered as a new itinerary for 2015 by the Wayfarers Walking Vacations.

It is one of three brand-new all-inclusive Walks in the program. The others are the UK’s Northumbrian Coast and the Puglia region of Italy.

The Via Francigena is an ancient 1,200 mile route across Europe from Canterbury, England, to Rome, neglected over recent years, but now undergoing a resurgence in popularity.

“To follow in those pilgrims’ footsteps, traveling slowly, meeting people with a common goal, in such fabulous surroundings will, I’m sure make this a very popular choice.’

Wayfarers’ Walk Leader and Designer Lesley Bowles says: ‘For more than 1,000 years, pilgrims have walked the Via Francigena, once the major pilgrimage route from Northern Europe to the Holy See at Rome.”  The tour includes the following:

·      Guided walking tours of historic Lucca and Siena

·      A visit to wine cellars producing Vernaccia white wine

·      Two nights in beautiful San Gimignano

·      Gain a unique perspective on the real Tuscany

Details of all Walks in the spring 2015 Preview Brochure here


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