Least Friendly and Most Friendly Cities in the World

Conde Nast Magazine has completed a new “readers survey” of the least friendly cities in the world to visit, to the most friendly.  Here are the 10 least friendliest.

10 Nassau, Bahamas…9 Monte Carlo, Monaco…8 Milan, Italy…7 Frankfurt, Germany…6 Beijing, China…5 Marseille, France…4 Paris, France…3 Moscow, Russia…2 Canne, France…And rated by Conde Nast Travelers, the most unfriendly city in the World — Johannesburg, S. Africa

imgres-3(Beijing, China)

Now for the most friendly.

Tied for 10th place  Salisburg, Austria & Budapest, Hungary…Tied for 9th Seville, Spain &.Savannah, Georgia…8 Capetown, S. Africa…7 Siem Reap, Cambodia…Another tie for 5th Sydney, Australia & Dublin, Ireland…4 Charlston, S. Carolina…3 Victoria, British Columbia…and a tie for the friendliest cities in the world, both from down-under — Melborne, Australia  & Auckland, New Zealand.  imgres-2

(Auckand, New Zealand)

Good news, no unfriendly cities showed up in the Americas – at least according to Conde Nast readers.

As for the friendliest cities in the world:  Only the United States & Australia had  2-each in the top 10.


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