Romantic Spots in New Orleans

Unknown-1With everything from jazz halls to botanical gardens, New Orleans is a place of love, passion and intrigue. But which attractions are best-suited for two? Whether you’re newlyweds hoping for excitement or a happy, well-established couple just looking for somewhere to share a little romance, here are some of the most enchanting spots in the Big Easy.

New Orleans City Park
Start your trip with a cozy gondola ride around the lake. Once you’ve serenaded her to your heart’s desire, you can help her ashore for a picnic in the park, where butterflies will drift lazily around your blanket and the birds will sing sweet songs until nightfall. Don’t let sunset run you off, however! The park is a wonderful spot for stargazing, and there’s no better place to declare your love than under a canopy of constellations.

The Historic District
Surrounded by antebellum homes and charming, old-fashioned shopfronts, the historic district of New Orleans is perfect for any couple who likes to wander. Walk hand-in-hand through cobbled streets. Comb through souvenirs in the square. Visit famous landmarks like the Presbytere. Once you’re all tuckered out, retire to Maison St. Charles Hotel & Suites, where you’ll find honeymoon suites with king-size beds and jacuzzis awaiting your pleasure. These luxurious accommodations are known around the city for being one of the top New Orleans attractions for couples.

The French Quarter
Also known as Vieux Carré, the French Quarter is where lovers gather to experience the beating heart of New Orleans. Shops, restaurants and art galleries dot the sidewalk; horse-drawn carriages will take you anywhere you’d like to go. You can even find free outdoor concerts in local parks during the summertime. Just don’t forget to stop by the French Market, an open-air mall so busy and vibrant that it draws hundreds of tourists a year from all over the country!

New Orleans Museum of Art
Nowhere has culture like New Orleans, and a trip through the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) will offer you and your partner a firsthand glimpse at some of the paintings, exhibits and impressionist artwork that put this city on the map. You might also enjoy an afternoon at the accompanying sculpture garden. It’s another great place for flirtatious picnics, and between the sculpture, the wildflowers and a good bottle of wine, you’ll feel romantic and cultured indeed.

Frenchman Street
In a city famous for its jazz, you won’t want to miss Frenchman Street. All the best clubs, cafes and dance halls are found along this strip, including the Three Muses and the Palm Court Jazz Cafe. Sip cocktails on the patio of a 1920s bar or relax into a leather-backed chair through a haze of smoke while live musicians play the best of yesteryear. If you’re feeling especially brave, you might even put on your dancing shoes and try your hand at a waltz!

The Mississippi River
Gondolas may be charming, but if you really want to impress her, book a cruise on the mighty Mississippi. These luxury liners come with everything from five-star meals to live bands, and they offer breathtaking, one-of-a-kind views of New Orleans, the kind you simply can’t enjoy from land. If you’re looking to create an unforgettable night with the one you love, book a cruise and sail away from the city lights for an experience she’ll never forget.


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